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NOTICE!! Holiday Shipping Schedule

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Due to all the holiday packages in the FedEx system, and bad weather conditions which will cause late or missed deliveries, I am suspending any further deliveries until after the holidays. I will resume daily shipping after Jan. 8th.  

The shopping feature will be turned off,  and will be operational again for shopping on Jan. 4th.

Happy Holidays,

Discus Fish Grow Faster in a Smaller Aquarium

Return To; Featured Discus FishMy experience growing discus fish is that they grow faster in smaller aquariums rather than large aquariums. My reasoning is simply, they burn fewer calories in a smaller tank due to lack of area to swim in. Therefore one may ask, why do they grow so large in the wild?My answer is that they [...]

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Discus Fish

Return To; Discus Fish Grow Faster in a Smaller Aquarium Discus fish, also known as Symphysodon Discus Fish are named after their distinctive round disk like shape. Discus fish can grow up to 6 - 8 inches in size. They are a fresh water fish native to the slow moving, warm tropical Amazon River basin and its tributaries. [...]

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Discus Fish Secrets

Return To; Discus FishIf you want to successfully keep and breed discus fish, then you have to be aware of all of their secrets. One of the most important discus fish secrets is that they are schooling fish. This means that they prefer to live in a group with other discus fish. If you purchase just one discus fish for [...]

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Keeping Discus Fish

Return To; Discus Fish SecretsKeeping discus fish can be a challenge, but if you are successful, you will have a beautiful and lively addition to your aquarium. Discus fish are sensitive to water conditions, so you will need to establish your tank carefully prior to putting your discus fish in, and you will need to monitor it frequently and keep [...]

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Discus Fish Breeding

Return To; Keeping Discus FishDiscus fish can be difficult to keep, and breeding discus fish is even more complicated. Discus are very sensitive, and you must be very careful in maintaining their tank. Discus are tropical fish that originate from the Amazon River basin. Their tank must be kept like their natural habitat, so the water must be very warm. [...]

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Discus Fish Disease, Cloudy Eye Treatment

Return to; Treating Internal Discus Fish DiseaseDiscus fish like all tropical aquarium fish are susceptible to eye fungus disease, also referred to as cloudy eye. Eye fungus is an environmental issue, if untreated, cloudy eye will destroy the pupil and leave the discus fish blind. This disease can occur rapidly, almost overnight, and can be very stubborn and takes [...]

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Discus Fish Information

Return To; Discus Fish BreedingDiscus fish originate from calm waters of the Tropical Amazon River basin and today are offered in many beautiful, bright colors. They vary in size from 2” to 7” and their bodies are round and flat with extended fins. They have red eyes, and many have a series of vertical stripes called bars on their bodies [...]

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Discus Fish Tank

Return To; Discus Fish Care Basics 101You can be successful with keeping discus fish in an aquarium if you maintain a proper discus fish tank for them. You will need a large tank, with the exact size dependent upon the size and number of discus fish you plan to have. A tank of 29 to 50 gallons are two [...]

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Discus Fish Care Basics 101

Return To; Discus Fish InformationDiscus fish originate from the Amazon River and they make a bright, beautiful addition to an aquarium. They are non-aggressive and interesting to watch, but they are tropical fish, so they do need to be kept in a tank that has appropriate conditions. Your discus will thrive if you follow some basics for discus fish care. [...]

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